Thursday, November 29, 2012

Walking at the pace of the slowest person

I haven't updated the blog for a couple of weeks now - partly because things have been hectic at work, but partly because there has been very little progress.
We sent off our intial forms to our local authority over 3 weeks ago now, and have still to hear anything back from them.  We have spoken to other local authorities on the phone, sent off forms to them and not heard back after a 2 week period.  The only agency that seems to be efficient at responding to paperwork and phone calls is a voluntary agency that covers our area.  Patchwork spoke to them on the phone, and they seemed very positive about our background situation.  They then emailed the next set of information out almost instantly.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that they will get back to us soon (We only put things for them in the post 2 days ago.)
With all the publicity surrounding the drive for more adopters and the reports of increasing numbers of children left for prolonged periods of time in the care system, it seems awful that we are having to wait so long for a response from the local authorities.  I understand that they are probably short-staffed, almost defiently over-worked and undoubtably underpaid, but it would be nice to have recieved some kind of response from them - even if it was just a holding reply telling us that they have recieved the paperwork and will get back to us at some future date.  Currently we are in limbo, wondering if we have fallen short at the first hurdle.  Added to that is the thought that every week we are kept waiting now is another week that our future child/ren are spending in the uncertainty of the care system.

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