Friday, November 9, 2012

The journey so far

I've been with my wife Hexagonal Patchwork for about 5 years now, although we have only been married for a couple of months.  About 3 years ago we decided to start trying for a child, knowing that her polycystic ovaries would make it hard for us to conceive.  After about a year or so with no luck apart from one miscarrige, we decided to speak to medical experts about the situation.  We had a battery of tests, checking both my fertility and Patchwork's.  Although I ws given a clean bill of health, unfortunately Patchwork's condition meant that she wasn't ovulating on a regular basis.  Although the doctor's said they might be able to help us if Patchwork was able to lose some weight, the medication she is on for PCOS meant she couldn't drop the weight, despite a lot of effort on her part.
It's taken us some time to come terms with the fact that we are unlikely to conceive naturally, but over the last month or so we have been talking about adopting more seriously.  Last Tuesday we went to an information evening run by our local council to find out more about the process.  On Wednesday evening we sent off the form requesting an initial home visit - the first stage in the process. 
I'll post a bit more about what lies before us later - for now we are off to see my Dad, partly to see Skyfall, but mainly so we can break the news to him.

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