Friday, November 9, 2012

Setting out

It's been said that the first step of a journey is the hardest and it seems the first post on a new blog is equally hard.  I've been staring at a blank text box for nearly 5 minutes, trying to decide on the best way to introduce myself and this blog.
Who am I? Just a man that wants to be a father - Depending on where I am and who I'm speaking to, I guess I would identify myself in different ways - by my job (A Science teacher), by my involvement in voluntary activities (I help to run a Duke of Edinburgh's Award group), by age and gender (mid 30s, male), by relationships (Husband to my wife of 2 months, Son to divorced parents, Brother to a sister and step-sister, Uncle to a 3 year old nephew and a 2 year old niece, Godfather to a 4 year old girl, friend, colleague), by hobbies (Hiking and camping, Roleplay games, Motorbikes, Reading anything and everything) but in my heart of hearts I am just a man who wants to be a dad.
And that leads on quite nicely to why I've started this blog - My wife and I have come to accept that the only way we will become parents is by adopting.  I'm hoping this blog will be a record of my journey along the path from an inital enquirer to an adoptive father, but also a place for me to explore the highs and lows of the journey, to give me a space for self-reflection, to keep friends and family in touch with what is happening, to connect with other people who have walked the same path, maybe inspire some people following behind me and hopefully one day be something I can look back on with my son or daughter as we talk about how we became a family.

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  1. Good on you - I look forward to reading your journey :)