Thursday, February 14, 2013

The view from the top makes the climb worth it.

Often when I am taking Silver DofE groups out into the mountains for the first time, they struggle with walking up some of the steeper climbs 'Keep going' I tell them 'The view from the top is worth it'.  They sound like hollow words when you climbing up a steep slope, heavy pack on your back and feet aching, but those who have experienced it no there is no feeling quite like that of getting to the top of a ridge and suddenly seeing the world open up beneath you as look across the green land beyond, sunlight dancing off distant rivers and lakes. It's a feeling that I thought could only come when you are outside, enjoying the beauty of the world we live in.  Seems I was wrong...

A camera can never really capture the true magic of the view beyond

We had the meeting with the SW from the LA to the west of us this morning.  This afternoon she phoned back to say they will take us on as prospective adopters

Our training course is in the middle of March - It took 3 months from the initial contact for our home LA to come to the decision not to take us on.  With this LA it will take less than half that time to go from initial decision to completing the training.  I always tell my DofE groups that they have to walk at the speed of the slowest person, but between you and me - it's good to be able to stride out now and then :)

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