Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Keep on walking.

Last week we finally heard from the LA for the city we live in.  After 2 months of delay, the SW had finally had a meeting with her boss to confirm that they won't be taking us on as prospective adopters because we live within the small area they cover.
Both of us were expecting that response, but it was still disappointing to hear it.
The good news is that having responded to an advert a friend saw on the back of a bus, an LA covering a town to the west of us have invited us to a introductory evening (Frustratingly I expect this will cover all the basic stuff that we have done with the other LAs) in March and are coming to do a home visit on the 14th (I think if we do end up adopting through this agency we'll have to tell our child that it all started on Valentine's Day - sounds slightly better than saying it all started on the back of a bus!)
We are also hoping to hear back from the city LA to the east of us about an initial home visit from them.  Fingers crossed that one of these pans out, as it seems we are starting to run out of options.

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  1. Adunno - quite fun to be able to say it started on the back of a bus ;)